Things You Didn’t Know About Diamonds

The diamond, or better known, according to Marilyn Monroe, the woman’s best friend; coveted by all, adored by many, but not available to everyone.

Diamonds are the most valued gems for their hardness, scarcity, color, brightness and transparency, in addition to their beautiful meaning. The name comes from the Greek “adamas or adamantis” which means invincible. The most common comparison with diamonds is teeth, we have all heard someone refer to the diamonds that a person had in their mouth referring to the whiteness of their teeth, if you want that when someone says this refers to your teeth, you have to Go to a Pacific Implant Center for dental implants in Tijuana dentist.

According to the mineralogy, a “Diamond in the rough” is one that has not been carved, that is, it is pure. These, without a doubt, are a beautiful gift that nature offers us. That’s why here we share some curiosities about diamonds that you will surely love.

Some historians estimate that India traded with diamonds since the fourth century BC.
The largest diamond in the world is named “Cullinan”. It was discovered in 1905 in South Africa, weighed 3.106 carats, and was cut into 9 stones.
Diamonds are not the hardest material on earth. It is known that volcanic eruptions form a material called wurtzite that is 18% harder than diamonds.
Scientists from the UNAM processed tequila with the intention of making diamonds. They managed to create a diamond powder, which although it is not very useful for use in jewelry, they achieved their goal.
“55 Cancri” is a planet 2 times larger than the earth whose surface is covered with diamond. It is 4 thousand light years from our planet and orbits so fast that its year lasts 18 hours.
As if it were science fiction, some visionary companies convert the ashes of the people who died in diamonds of different carats, which are as valuable as a natural one since its processing costs around $ 180,000, a price that is well worth for many people with the objective of keeping the loved one very close.
Although its name means invincible, diamonds must take special care to preserve its beauty and value.

When washing, cooking, or exercising, remove the pieces to prevent them from being damaged.
Avoid direct contact with cosmetic products such as makeup, perfumes or creams.
Save the pieces individually to avoid rubbing with other stones. Especially other diamonds.
Come with an expert in jewelry to give them maintenance.