The future of sustainable fashion

When you go for a service like a dentist of Baja Dent, you know that your dentist is charging you for such a service and that he will receive a reasonable profit. However, you have asked yourself: How much do they pay to those who make your clothes? It is the question they ask for people to reflect and decide where and how they want to continue living if on a planet cared for by and for all or maintaining the overexploitation of this and its workers.
Sustainable and ethical fashion advocates the responsibility of each person in the face of the need for purchases. Pursue to buy less, better quality and also the durability of the garments and accessories, in addition to a better purpose for the product, from being scrapped to reused or modified for the continuity of its use. It seeks to provoke personal and collective reflection before consumption and generate alternative spaces for consumption.
Circular economy, slow fashion, ecological fashion or sustainability, are words that until recently nobody, or very few, used. In recent years, however, these terms are frequently used. A change that not only affects the vocabulary but also the way of consumption and that is due to the impulse of the work of entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurs have created very different textile projects, but with common values. They mention that they all share the thought of transmitting the philosophy of their brand. Because if they just wanted to earn money, the projects would have seen the light much earlier. One of the entrepreneurs studied tourism to later work as a manager in a company, but four years when she decided to start a solo project with the name inspired by her grandmother, and it is a way of paying homage to her.
It is a company dedicated to the dissemination and production of sustainable fashion projects.