Secrets That Will Make You a Best Photographer

Surely it has happened to you more than once that, after taking pictures, you check them and you do not finish being satisfied with your work. Or you think that inspiration does not finish, that you are stuck, and that you have already given the best of yourself, and from that moment you will not be able to improve as a photographer. It is a situation that we all go through on occasion and that makes us rethink our hobby. Whether it has happened to you or not, in this article I will tell you 10 unspeakable secrets of professional photographers that will undoubtedly help you improve as a photographer. Do you want to know what they are


Never forget that the persons you take as models have to have clean white teeth, clean skin and healthy hair, they will all go very well if they were previously with their dentist in Tijuana.

Professional photographers only show their best photos


When you contemplate the work of a great photographer, you perceive that it has no fissures.


Whether in an exhibition or in a web gallery, it is normal to review his work and think: “how I like this photo, and this one, and this one …” They are all good.


And when you review yours, you think about the amount of photos you have to do to finally get a decent picture.


What we often do not think is that probably the photographer whose work we are contemplating is showing us only his best photos. There are photographers who care a lot about the number of photos they make, and others who shoot more, but I would say that finally they all filter the photos they teach, and that’s what makes a collection of photos great.


Therefore, the next time you value your own work, apply that same filter. Stay with your best photos and rate your work on them. It will help you to be more positive.

It is the photographer who makes the photo and not the camera


Many times we become obsessed with technical specifications of cameras and lenses. We think things like “if I had that camera” or “this is the camera I want to have”.


In this respect I always say that “the camera does not make the photographer”. You can give a very good camera to someone who does not master the photographic technique or composition and will not be able to make good pictures. And on the contrary, you can give a pocket camera to someone with a good photographic eye and can do wonders for what you would expect from that camera.


More important than the technical specifications of a camera or a lens are the knowledge and mastery of the technique. So, before you become obsessed with the latest camera model that has hit the market or the brightness of a new lens, think about whether you’re really getting the most out of your team and how you can improve your photographic skills.