First date with your crush?

They say that the first impression of a person is what counts, and in reality, this is very true, because when we know a person what we take from them are the first impressions. So if your crush has sent you a text message or call to go out to see you at a cafe or a restaurant, you are probably very excited but also very nervous, but in this article, we will help you to be sure.

As stated above, first impressions are important so try to smile, if you are insecure about your teeth go with some of the best dentists in Mexico to fix it. Depending on the image we want to give we can choose one set or another, although it is true that it is better to leave our sexier sets for later. Boys like a woman who is true to herself, if we do not know how to walk with heels, thinking about going with them to a date is a mistake, and so on. If we already know the boy, he will know if we are shy, extroverted, etc. and our way of dressing matches our personality, so we should not pretend that we are not. Also if you are going to a restaurant choose some of the beautiful semi-formal dresses and high heels but if your date in the movie theater go more casual, maybe even with sneakers!

There are many people who lie on their first dates to pretend something they are not, however that is a big mistake. If we fall in love with someone, it is because of how he is, not because of what they tell us to be. At the end of the day, the passage of time puts everyone in their place and we will discover their lies, as they can also discover ours.

Sincerity is the key to a good date, we will not share all our secrets for the first time you stay, but if any question arises, we must answer with humility and with sincerity. If you ask us about work, do not put on a high position to show off if it is not true, because everything falls under its own weight. You should not pretend what you do not know, we want to make that person fall for what we are.

It is important, to be honest, if on the part of the two you see that it does not work, it is better to leave. It is not rude, to be honest as long as it is said with delicacy, we do not want to waste time or make it lose the other person, especially if we like it and we can make false hopes.

In conclusion, we must be ourselves, be simple and faithful to our personality, sincere and fun without touching the exaggerated. Everything will be fine if we follow these tips.